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Judy - 2.5/5

When news about Renée Zellweger playing Judy Garland hit the press last year, a lot of movie fans were very sceptical around how this would turn out. Firstly, did we need another Judy Garland story? And what had Zellweger been doing the last few years? So after a year of waiting, we now get Judy. A story that focuses on the last few years of an icon's life when she lived in London during the last leg of her career. If I was to describe how this film made me feel, I would say 'very very sad.' Partly because what we see in the film is Judy struggling to make ends meet while keeping her kids at heart, and secondly is the treatment of an icon to a melodramatic mess of a film. Yes - the film itself is cringeworthy and the material that Renee is working with seems very amateur. However, in the lead role, Zellweger reminds us of her Oscar potential. As Garland, Renée Zellweger is a phenomenon. Her mannerisms, voice, and aura are Judy Garland to a T. Apparently based off a play, I feel as if the screenwriter took a bunch of liberties to add a few storylines as a motion picture would allow it. However, what we get is a cliché. So many moments in the film felt forced and unnecessary. If they left some of these out - it may have made a better movie. Hardcore fans of Judy may still love it and may look beyond its flaws. However, it is hard to not see these flaws, as the movie is mediocre at best. I will still recommend this film as something worth watching - perhaps not in the cinema, but wait for it on DVD. It is Renée Zellweger's remarkable turn as the icon that is well worth the viewing time.

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