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Last Christmas - 2/5

There were a few aspects to this film that made this a promising Holiday movie of 2019. The trailers seemed to rave about this film being closely connected to the songs of George Michael, it brought back Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh, it has Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson in it and it's directed by Paul Feig. Perhaps, it seemed a bit too good to be true. The outcome is one absolute face palm worthy movie that is one big false promotion. While the premise seems straightforward and romantic, the movie transpires to be something else totally different. It is pretty much a melodrama that had me laughing when the mystery was solved. While Emilia Clarke does shine in the lead role, her talents are wasted in trash like this. Michelle Yeoh certainly demands more respect than this tinsel coated bullshit, and I cannot even try to comprehend why Emma Thompson (I am wondering if her role was cultural misappropriation..anyway), decided to do this. The big problem with this film is that it's a high budget version of The Princess Switch. Except while the Vanessa Hudgens ridiculousness knows it's silly and expects you to enjoy its silliness, Last Christmas expects you to take it seriously...and you just cannot! If you decide to watch this film, drinks copious amounts of wine and don't take it seriously. 

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