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Charlie's Angels - 4/5

The announcement of yet another Charlie's Angels had a lot of fans rolling their eyes with discontent. After a slightly disappointing sequel in 2003, and a failed (and terrible) reboot series in 2011, the brand of the Angels seemed dead! So after a lot of negative ambiance, it was hard to have faith in this reboot. However, if there's anyone who could bring something back to life it is the talented Elizabeth Banks. Written and directed by her, Banks thankfully gives us a fresh take on Charlie's Angels, reviving the franchise and yes, it was awesome, and I would gladly watch the next chapter (if there is one!)

By 2019, we have seen a few films with women (mainly white) kick ass on screen (Atomic Blonde for example), or do it collectively with other women and sometimes work (Pride & Prejudice & Zombies) and sometimes not (Sucker Punch). However, this gives us a racially diverse cast in an action film (that's actually good!) and unlike its predecessors, holds back a bit on the male gaze element that the franchise is known for. Unlike the McG films, we don't get to see a Cameron Diaz drawing attention to her rear, or watch in slow motion a Lucy Liu character take off her helmet and toss her hair, or a Drew Barrymore character showing off her cleavage. We get three women (and yes they are slim and gorgeous), be super smart, quirky, funny and stunning with a less perverse lens. It is in summary a - 2019 Charlie's Angels. Expect that and you get that. The storyline and plot is simple and yet engaging, the acting is fantastic (do give Kristen Stewart a chance, cause she was fantastic in this!), the action sequences were amazing and seeing Elizabeth Banks as Bosley was pretty cool! With a strong focus on sisterhood and the importance of female bonds, this film is yet another one to add to the feminist library of female led motion pictures.

Watch it and enjoy it! It's what Charlie's Angels is meant to be - fun, light and feminist!

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