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Bombshell - 4.5/5

If the trailer for this film didn't make you want to watch this film, you probably were not the target audience for this. For those of us, who pretty much went "YES!" when we saw the teaser, you will not be disappointed.

The movie starts off with the Megyn Kelly getting prepared for the Republican debate of 2016. As the movie unfolds, we get to meet Gretchen Carlson and eventually Kayla - played by Margot Robbie. The three leads are unique and powerful in their own right, and while they barely share any screen time together, their individual stories on the take down of the evil Roger Ailes is engaging and fascinating. Each character bringing in their own experiences with Ailes, depicts the corrupt nature of power and its impact on three women at different stages of their career.

As Kelly, Theron is an outstanding element to the film. Her mannerisms, look and overall demeanor is Kelly to a T! Margot Robbie as Kayla is the next best thing about the film. While Robbie has clearly established herself as an acclaimed actress in Hollywood, she now gets one more role to add to her very impressive CV. Kate McKinnon as the quirky Jess is an interesting addition to the movie. Let's face it - who does not love McKinnon? We will watch anything she is in. Kidman as Carlson is quite remarkable too. Spearheading the sexual misconduct movement against Ailes, her character is gutsy and applaud-worthy. Allison Janney and Connie Britton complete the cast of amazing actresses.

It's been a while since a mainstream movie has covered the topic of workplace harassment this well. While not only shaming the perpetrators, it also does provide an unforgiving take on those victims who didn't speak up all this time.

While the topic and film maybe uncomfortable and triggering to some, it is one movie worth giving a go. I strongly recommend this film -may it be at the cinema, DVD or streaming service. It's good!

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