Jojo Rabbit - 4/5

December 16, 2019

I believe it is fair to say that the trailer for this film had a few people (like me) think "WTF!" I was not sure how one can administer a comical take on the Nazi party and then to have Taika Waititi play Hitler was another entire "WTF!" moment. 

So - how was this movie after-all? So perhaps a couple of years from now, we may look back and think this film was absolutely fucked up and it was male privilege that got this made. However, from a 2019 lens of "this is where things are at now," - it was an amazing and fun movie. 

Thanks to Waititi's creativity - he manages to bring a story that has never been covered before in Hollywood.

The premise is simple - we have a kid named Jojo who joins the Nazi party and finds out his Mum is hiding a Jewish girl in their house. Taika Waititi plays Hitler and I can't say more without spoilers. Sam Rockwell and Lilly Allen's brother are in it (Rockwell is strangely attractive in this and the other is just eye-candy for those into ginger men). Rebel Wilson as the comic relief was just fantastic and Scarlett Johansson as Rosie was a good addition. 

It's hard to say more about this film without giving too much away.

All in all - it was a clever, fun movie with a lot of laughs and some tears. If you have seen other Taika Waititi movies and found them hilarious, you may enjoy this one. 

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