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1917 - 2/5

For once, I didn't watch the trailer, look at the cast or know too much about the film. It was featured at the Golden Globe awards and I wanted to give this film a go because I wanted to diversify my viewing portfolio. Okay! Oh boy.. so it's a story of a bloke that has to get a message across to someone else to stop a major disaster from happening. On the way he meets Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Madden and Andrew Scott. So yes - it's all World War I and I guess I need to like it cause was an awful time. However, just because it is a war movie doesn't mean it needs to be liked by all. Further to that - a movie that features straight white men and barely any diversity has no interest to me. Add a boring story and a film that is a Dunkirk wannabe adds to the boredom. Pretty much every struggling white male actor in Hollywood gets a job as an extra in this movie, and truthfully the story is too dull to be engaging. Sam Mendes (the director) fills the movie's dull bits with gore and wretch worthy moments. Anyway - I believe I am the minority, who may findi this film a bore. Some people may absolutely love it and think it's the best film ever! However - this movie was not for me. May I suggest watching Little Women instead? Cheers!

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