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Like a boss - 4/5

Of course this got bad reviews from critics. The remarkably talented Salma Hayek (A Hispanic female and not Robert DeNiro) plays the CEO of an empire! Tiffany Hadish and Rose  Byrne play business partners whose main focus is their business and not men. There is nothing in this story that is about men. So of course, a fun story where no men are the focus? How are the critics going to like it? The Bechdel Test is passed on a High Distinction level -oh my! Of course a lot of the privileged are disgruntled! I mean, minorities have had to watch endless hours of Saving Private Ryan, Shawshank Rede..whatever the hell that was, and Expendables - cause that is just "awesome." But when things are flipped, it's negatively reviewed (Seriously!) Anyway - watch this film. It is fun, light and one of those movies you may want to enjoy on a Friday night with some wine (or beer). We went to a Girls Night Out screening of this film, and so many women who attended the screening were in fits of laughter. There are so many moments that would make a lot of straight men uncomfortable - so let's talk about it more, cause we have had to deal with Reservoir Dogs and Once upon a time in Quentin Tarantino way too much. Sometimes it's okay to have a bit of fun, and this in this case it's women (being more than what Hollywood represents) in leadership. Give it a go - you may enjoy it!

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