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Birds of Prey - 3/5

After the horrible reviews of Suicide Squad, a movie featuring Harley Quinn was met with a bit of trepidation. However, as a lot of movie fans and Hollywood love Margot Robbie (for now), we were forgiving about the idea. So over a year from this point,we get Birds of Prey. The trailer promised a film that seemed quite psychotic with a bunch of female leads. A lot of people who I spoke to who were fans of the franchise seemed quite disinterested by the concept. However, as it is an all female led film, I decided to give this a go.

My thoughts: the story was very well told, the performances were fantastic, however there was something about this movie that was not right. I will put this down to the directing and the script. In a way, it seemed as if the director was trying hard to make a statement with this film, and perhaps this was not the place for it. While they could have had a stronger presence of sisterhood throughout the movie, we only get this in the end. Perhaps I was expecting more of a feminist film, but I got a bunch of really strong characters that were not used to their full potential.

I guess I would call this film fun and entertaining, and I will watch the sequel if it does come out. Perhaps the bar has been set so low for superhero films, that the reason as to why people are enjoying this movie is because it is better than the rest.

I am not sure if I could recommend this film to a lot of people. It's a better than average film that features a psycho Margot Robbie.

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