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Eurovision Song Contest: 0.5/5

I remember reading a few years ago that Will Ferrell attended Eurovision, with a view to research on an upcoming film. At this stage, fans of Eurovision, (myself being included) felt a bit apprehensive about this, but we forgot about it until the trailer for the finished product made it’s way to Netflix a few weeks back.

Seeing the trailer, it was squeamish and cringe-worthy, but I thought maybe the film may prove me wrong.

After the first 10 minutes of the film, I wanted to switch it off, but persevered through the end.

The first issue is, what is it with Hollywood showing blatant disrespect to cultures that is not American? The two main characters in this, are meant to be Icelandic, and we get caricature after caricature of European representation. To be honest, it’s not funny in the slightest, it’s offensive. The entitlement that Hollywood feels that they can do this, is incredibly fucked up! Eurovision to some countries is important – yes it’s camp and funny, but we know that America does not get it, so in their mind it’s worthy of spitting on.

The second issue is Will Ferrell – he has not done anything funny since Step Brothers. I wish this film makes him a has-been, and we never hear from him again. It is so disappointing that he paired up with the fantastic Rachel McAdams. Some of the gimmicks in the film he pulls, is disgusting and unfunny, and of course he co-wrote this. The lack of diversity in the writing and directing department is a clear indication of why this film is an offensive suckfest.

I wonder if the former Eurovision contenders who are in this film, knew what the final product was going to be before agreeing to be in this.

You may not think it’s worth getting upset over this, cause this is a comedy, however this is misappropriation and needs to stop. 2020 should not allow films like this.

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