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Bo Burnham: Inside - 0.5/5

Alright, so I am going to start by saying, that in a matter of a week, I had a few people recommend this to me. Some calling this a work of art, and genius. I knew nothing much about Burnham, except that he wrote and directed '8th Grade' and he played a supporting role in 'Promising Young Woman',

A bit of history of Bo and I - I have heard that 8th Grade was a brilliant film, while not having seen it, I cannot comment on his writing. However, I am going to be honest to say that in Promising Young Woman he did win me over, Anyone dancing and singing to Paris Hilton, I mean seriously.. *Swoon*

So with very little hesitation, I decided to hit play on Netflix, and after an hour and a half, here are my thoughts.

Keep in mind, this has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and 96% audience score!

1. He is lame! This show is lame!

So a comedian gets bored, and decides to spend his time writing a musical. A one man musical. I really struggled to understand why this was so ground breaking. Was it the fact that he spent a year writing this show?

Oh well - who knows. The format certainly did not appeal to me..

2. Was this meant to be funny? cause I didn't think it was

While stand-up comedians are apparently meant to write some worthy comedic material, I am guessing Bo didn't get the memo? Or maybe he did and just did his own thing anyway? I have no idea!

If there were jokes in this, I probably missed it, and if it wasn't meant to be funny, then guess Bo hit the nail right on the head with this one.

I even paid attention to the musical lyrics...again... not funny!

3. Speaking of the music.. again...not my jam!

So if he spent a year writing this amazing music and show, and gets a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes - can I remind everyone that Taylor Swift wrote two phenomenal albums during COVID? Both albums were critically acclaimed and spent numerous weeks at the top of the charts. That is quality music! Not so sure about Bo's jam though.

4. So was his schtick that a straight white male is woke? (or so he says)

So he mentions privilege, he about using his privilege for good. But then he makes fun of a white woman's Instagram - which feels like a punch down. So I am really not clear on what he is trying to achieve with this Inside special. To me it felt like a desperate attempt to prove to the world that he is in fact, 'woke.'

5. I guess the bar is set so low for comedians of his demographic, critics and audiences alike find this shit good!

So I have to question if the bar has been set so low for people of his demographic, that something a less than mediocre as this, gets critical acclaim. Perhaps the viewership of this who think this is great has not engaged in more diverse comedic acts? (or wait, is this comedy?). Jesus! who knows?

Anyway, straight white male does "something" unclassified, comedy musical variety show, and everyone loves it! geez, that bar is low!

6. I gave it a 0.5, cause Bo's cute and we got to see him semi-nude a bit

I had to find something positive in the hour and half!

Alright - clearly I am the minority! So perhaps watch it and make your own mind up.! As for me, as you could tell from how much I loved it - it will not be a recommendation!

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