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Finding Creativity - 4/5

A Melbourne Documentary Film Festival selection

We always hear the word 'creative' used to describe a process or a person. However how often do we stop to ponder what does that mean. Well if you wondered this, Finding Creativity gives us some practical real life examples of people who thrive in the creative space.

The documentary begins with the dictionary definition of what is creativity. It's a noun that is used to to define the ability to produce unique and unusual ideas.

Not sure if I agree with the use of the word unusual. Unusual sounds negative, and creative minds should always be embraced, regardless of how "Unusual" they are.

We are introduced to Dr Tim Patston, a Creative Researcher. Dr Patston is almost like the spinal chord of this documentary, and he interjects during the doco while we meet the "unusual" personalities

Holly Grace

The first person we meet is Holly Grace - a Glass Artist who is based in Cheltenham. Holly believes that with creativity some people are naturally creative, while others have to work hard on it. She felt as if she had to work on in, but her passion for it enabled the process to take place.

Some of Holly's designs are unimaginable. She seems to humble at her efforts, but to novices like me, I watch it awe as we see her in action.

Coskun Uysal

We then meet Coskun Uysal. the owner and Head chef of Tulum. Tulum is a Turkish restaurant in Balaclava. I am speechless at some of the creations we see Coskun present. He says Turkish food is usually a one pot dish, but he uses his creative spark, his emotions, and his sense of adventure to create a magnificent plate. Born and raised in Istanbul, Coskun's story is truly inspirational, and as an immigrant myself, it warmed my heart. Any food lover will find Coskun's story one to remember.

Henry Brett

"There is a Roald Dahl saying that I love, those who don't believe in magic, never find it." This is one of the opening lines of Henry Brett's segment. A singer, and songwriter, and current champion of a music initiative called Rollo Grey. Henry talks candidly about the art industry, of how it is a group of misfits that finds their belonging, and I could not agree more. Music is always a very controversial, divisive, and subjective topic, and Henry finds inspiration through many avenues (I love that he loves Lana DelRey). We get to hear a snippet of his work, through piano and vocals, and it's quite the treat. One to look forward to.

Jan Owen

Our final creative mind is Jan Owen -the Co-Chair and Convenor Learning Creates Australia. Referring to herself as a Serial Social Entrepreneur. A point she makes is that with creativity, there is a stigma that it's only attached. to the arts industry as it is a visual medium. However, it is something that can manifest anywhere we have the avenue for ideas, and identifying the way to ignite is key to sparking creativity. Whenever we ask a person the question, what their thought is, what they have to say about something, or just their opinion is one of the key ways we can spark that creativity.

So how do we find creativity? Are we born with it? or does it need to be nurtured? In these fascinating stories, I have come to the conclusion it comes down to a few points -

  1. The Opportunity - are we given the opportunity to be creative in the spaces that we are in? Are we told "that's not how we roll here", or "that's not going to work?" too often?

  2. The People - are we surrounding ourselves with the right people who challenge us, and ask the right questions to spark creativity

  3. The Attitude - you need to want to have that thirst for change, the thirst to be different, and the thirst aptitude to be curious and seek information

I recommend this documentary to anyone who would like to explore their creative mindset. These stories are inspiring, and will make you want to change.

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