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Free Guy - 4/5

This Ryan Reynolds quirky comedy is the feel good film we need for 2021

When the previews for this film surfaced, I couldn't help but think of this film as 'weird.' I wondered if this was meant to be some sort of 2021 Truman show wannabe? On watching it, I realise I was completely wrong. There are so many moving parts to it, that you cannot help but admire its creative spark.

We then have Ryan Reynolds, who has been on a winning streak with films over the last decade. The English movie watching world loves him, and will watch anything he does.

Starting from tacky Rom Coms like Van Wilder in the early 00s, we have all seen Reynolds' acting portfolio grow, but not mature much. Peaking as his turn as Deadpool, Reynolds seems to be the at the pinnacle of his career. He clearly is not aiming to get an Oscar, he is happy being comedic, but not Adam Sandler/Will Ferrell/Jack Black type, but more organically funny to be well loved.

So here we have Free Guy...

Let's unpack!

It is a very unique, and funny story

I have not seen a film that has explored this unique anomaly. If you were wondering what this story is about - well as the title suggests, it's about a guy named Guy, trapped in a video game who wants to! He is inspired one day to break the norm, and next thing you know he is on a roll! However, while this story is happening, we have another story happening outside of the game world. In the real world, two people fight to gain the credit they deserve for creating the game that Guy is stuck in. We see both worlds interact, and the result is something quite beautiful.

Jodie Comer is ACE!

Alright, Ryan Reynolds is good, but Jodie Comer is just pure awesomeness. Everyone who has seen Killing Eve, knows what a phenomenal job she did playing Villanelle, and here she takes on a different role that is less quirky, but more sexy and real. It was the first time I got to see her playing both a English character and an American character. Showcasing her range, she is certainly the scene stealer.

Joe Keery was a surprise

So here is another TV actor who has become quite famous after Netflix's incredible successful Stranger Things. Playing the down to earth straight white male character who does not want to fight the good fight. He is chill, he is cool, and a surprise addition to the cast. Seeing him outside of stranger things, was pretty rad!

Taika Waititi is hilarious

In a surprise supporting act, we get Taika Waititi. Taika plays the role of Antwan, the owner of the business who stole the idea of the game and millions off it. With every scene he is in, he manages to nail his humour - he is quirky and he is fun to watch. To be honest, he is the best thing about the movie. Like any supporting role, we wish he was in it more. As always, he can do no wrong, and gives the film the nice cherry on top!

So, we need some positivity during this pandemic don't we? Well Free Guy is your remedy! Give this film a go! At least watch it just for the eye candy! The gif below is not from the film, but just enjoy it!

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