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House of Gucci - 2.5/5

Ridley Scott's latest project is a 3 hour bore, with a mundane story and lacklustre performances!

In 2019, when A Star is Born was released, movie-goers soon saw the potential of Lady Gaga. While having one heck of a successful music career, and reaching icon status, she made her first film debut.

But to Gaga, this was more than just a film, as she poured her heart and soul to writing and performing in it, pretty much taking on the project whole heartedly, and winning many awards for it.

However, at the time there was a lot of talk about musicians playing musicians on film, and if that was different to their daily grind - so how much of what they do is acting? So here we have Gaga completely ditching her vocal abilities and trying to truly act.

We then have Ridley Scott trying to take quite an uninteresting love story and inject it with the charisma of A Grade Hollywood actors.

So let's unpack and see what works and doesn't work for this tale of revenge.

What Works: The Costumes

There is something about every scene the actors are in seems to feel like it's meant for the runway. The costume designer for House of Gucci, is surely trying to score themselves an Oscar nod for their work.

It's not just the women who have the pretty dresses, the men in their suits and quirky clothing was just fabulous!

What doesn't work: The Accents

There was something that was incredibly off and odd about Hollywood actors forcing themselves to do Italian accents. In fact this should have just been an Italian movie. However the need to make this Hollywood and BIG Blockbuster was probably Ridley Scott's wish. This just doesn't work, and to be honest it made me feel quite uncomfortable to watch.

What doesn't work: Lady Gaga..yes, I said it!

She may have really tried hard to get this role down-pat, but in the end her lack of acting experience really shows. While to many actors, acting comes naturally, Gaga seems out of her element in every scene she does. It's almost like she is forcing herself to play this character. Unfortunately, Hollywood loves Gaga, and she will end up with a whole bunch of awards for this..sigh!

What doesn't work: Jared Leto

I know Jared Leto has a massive fan base in Hollywood, and even has an Oscar to prove it. In this film Leto was fucking awful! HIs over the top portrayal of Paolo Gucci was just wrong in everyway! It almost felt like a caricature! So I wonder how similar Paolo was to Leto's over-the-top take. I hope they give him a Razzie for this monstrosity.

What doesn't work: The story

If the real story was meant to be some intriguing tale of revenge, and deceit, this was a mundane story of a woman being hard-done-by a family obsessed with tradition and wealth. We have heard stories like this too many times, that doesn't make this movie any special in any way. After nearly 3 hours, my true feelings were "..meh!"

What works: Adam Driver

I am not saying his performance was good, but look at that face! Put the sexy Adam Driver in a suit, and damn! he is fine!

He definitely has a lot of charisma in this role, and while his talents are wasted with this trashy script, it's worth watching to see him in a suit! Just sayin'

Wait for this to come out on streaming services, and do not pay for this at the cinema!

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