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Moxie - 5/5

My first thoughts when seeing the promotional media for this film was 'this has to be good, Amy Poehler is part of the project!' And just like that, this film is absolutely no exception!

The premise of the movie is pretty straight forward - a 15 year old decides to start a revolution due to the toxic sexist culture of their high school.

Drawing inspiration from her mother's generation, the film explores how one generation can influence another, and how one voice can truly start a revolution. Of course there is the tacky teenage moments to the plot, including an unnecessary love story, however there is a lot that this film reminds us of.

So let's unpack what Moxie reminds us of...

1. Yes! The Great Gatsby sucks!

In one of the first scenes on the film, a straight white jock defends the need to have Great Gatsby in a school curriculum, as it is "one of the greatest books every written." However, as the pivotal character Lucy reminds us, all it is, is a book about a rich white man written by another straight white man, and really nothing much else! (the film sucked too....seriously why are people obsessed with it?)

2. Straight men being annoying to women shouldn't be a 'thing'

A reminder that as a society we are more accepting of men exhibiting bad behaviour and excuse it as "it's just them!" Yeah - not okay!

3. We all know a Mitchell! Mitchell's exist in the world! *sigh*

In Moxie, Mitchell played by Arnie's son is your typical straight while male jock asshole! He is a bully, sexist, threatened by female empowerment, and claims to be the victim when being stood up to. It all starts and doesn't end with high school! and some end up becoming Attorney Generals!

4. You try , try, try, and try and sometimes it does not go anywhere

In a scene between Mum and daughter, Vivian, the protagonist of the film tells her mum that she is tired of fighting and losing. A reminder that the battle for equality is never straight forward, but you get to make some amazing allies along the way!

5. Amy Poehler is fucking amazing

That's all! nothing else!

Please watch this movie - it is a feel good feminist movie that has some very noteworthy, conversation-worthy themes. I wish I had films like this growing up!

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