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Promising Young Woman - 5/5

When the trailer for this film debuted early last year, I had already decided that this film would be absolutely amazing. The haunting aura of the lead character of Cassie seemed very appealing, and her actions from the trailer, seemed bold, and shocking. While boasting a strong feminist revenge theme, I became super excited about watching this film.

After waiting for nearly a year, I sat in the cinemas eagerly waiting for this film to begin. In less that 15 minutes the film already made its way into my good books, as it had

  1. The incredible sexy Adam Brody

  2. 2 Become 1 by the Spice Girls

Soon, Cassie's act comes into play. She pretends to be drunk. Men take advantage of her at a bar. She goes home with them. When the men start getting inappropriate, Cassie snaps out of her pretend drunken state. Using an intimidating demeanor, she teaches the men a lesson on taking advantage of drunk girls. The scene was uncomfortable, powerful, and set the tone for the rest of the movie.

Carey Mulligan delivered a tour-de-force performance, and she was phenomenal in every scene from then on.

As the movie progresses, we find out the reason for her act. Following a harrowing incident that had a significant impact on her life, she decides to gain justice, and seek vengeance on everyone involved in that incident. All actors in the movie, bring their absolute A-game in this masterpiece.

With every other scene, we meet a new character played by someone familiar. From Alison Brie, to Connie Britton, to Laverne Cox - they all complete the cast with noteworthy performances.

The ending of the film is seriously unsettling, but that is the point of the movie. It's not meant to make you feel good, but instead make you feel incredibly uneasy.

There is so much to pull apart and talk about in this movie. None of it an easy topic, however one that is needed. In an era where #MeToo is broadly discussed, and has been for the last couple of years, films like this keep alive some very significant topics pertaining to this movement. I am sure many straight men watching this film will feel incredibly uncomfortable. Perhaps that is the point.

I absolutely loved every minute of this movie, however it would take a while to watch this again. It's messed up, it's entertaining, it eye-opening, and at moments distressing.

Finally - I found out that the reason for its title, is because when Brock Turner was accused of sexual assault in 2016, some press referred to him as a 'promising young man.'

I think it goes without saying, that this is a must watch! It is a masterpiece! Watch it at the cinemas now, or wait for it on streaming services - either way. This is a must see!

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