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Wonder Woman 1984 -2/5

There has been a significant amount of press surrounding this movie, ever since the prospect of a sequel was announced. While there has been many date changes to its release, as DC wanted to keep fans waiting until we could see it at the cinemas, was this film worth the wait? The answer is No! Really! No!

So the movie opens up with a full on action based sequence, where we see a young Diana trying to accomplish the winning spot for a race. Given that this doesn't seem to really fit well with the movie, I am guessing it was an excuse to bring back Robin Wright. Let's face it - she was the best thing about the first movie, fans loved her, and it would only make sense to find a way to have her appear in this.

We then get a series of cheese fest for the next 2 hours. The plot reminded me of an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (remember Anya? yeah this is a plot stolen from her character). The difference being, Buffy was good and ended in 40 minutes, while this took 2.5 hours to conclude.

Well... then there was Kristen Wiig. I had forgotten she was in this, until I saw her name in the credits , and this GIF, was exactly how I felt!

She as always did not disappoint! As Barbara- Wiig was sensational, and undoubtedly the best thing about the movie. I don't believe she has ever played a role like this before, and she bloody nails it. If it was not for her, this movie would have failed! Apparently it's a DC reputation to have better villains than its main characters.

So that settles that - all that wait for something miniscule, however a fabulous turn by Kristen Wiig.

Perhaps DC fans may think of it differently? Who knows..

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